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Please Note: Due to the rapidly shifting state of the online ESL industry, we are currently not accepting new applications.

Who this program is for

Current online teachers who want more hours, a higher salary, or a better teaching experience

Many online English teachers out there are not in an ideal situation, mostly due to their choice in a school. When you fill out the application form for this program, please mention your online teaching experience so far, as it will likely help us guide you. For most of you current teachers, the decision will boil down to this: Are you willing to invest 2-4 hours into the application process for a new school in order to earn more per hour in the long term, get more bookings in the long term, and/or enjoy teaching more?

People who are unsatisfied with their current jobs or career paths

Think about this question for a moment: Are you happy with your job?

If the answer is anything other than a resounding “yes”, this can potentially be a solution. Your desire for change could be related to pay, your work schedule, your boss, your commute, a lack of passion for your profession, a lack of opportunity for advancement, a lack of a clear path towards a future that excites you, or anything else.

People who want to earn extra money

Many of you will fall into this category, and this is something that teaching English online can provide.

People who want to become location independent

As long as you have a somewhat quiet room with a solid internet connection, you can do this from just about anywhere.

People who enjoy teaching, or want to try it out

If you love teaching, you’ll know it. If you’re new, you’ll know once you’ve tried!

What you can expect from this program

What we can do for you

  • Personal attention to every member: When we receive your application form, we will carefully consider your situation and let you know what we would do if we were in your shoes. Additionally, we will respond to your questions and comments within 1 business day.
  • Expert guidance: Our recommendations and advice are supported by abundant research and personal experience teaching for multiple platforms. In this fast moving world of online English teaching, our research remains active and ongoing.
  • No fees. We have no need to charge fees to our members, because we receive commissions from the schools for successful candidates.

What you can do for us

  • Use our referral links or referral codes! These will be included within the guides for the schools, and we sincerely appreciate you using them.
  • Make consistent progress through your online school’s application process.
  • Please share our site with any of your friends or family who might benefit from it! Feel free to apply first and see how everything goes. Our website address is

Why this program was created

Spreading awareness of online teaching

Teaching English online can potentially solve some substantial problems for people, listed above in the Who this program is for section. Many of you never truly considered pursuing this until recently, and many of you have never applied to an online school. Whether you had other things going on in your life, procrastinated, assumed that you weren’t cut out for teaching, or never knew this was worth pursuing, this program should shed some light on the reality of the situation.

Overcoming the challenge of choosing an online school

If you’ve ever tried researching online schools to apply to, you’ll probably reach the same conclusion that we did: The information out there is scattered, heavily biased, sometimes outdated, and often flat-out wrong. Even after investing hours of valuable time, you still might not end up at the best school for you. The online teaching world is filled with teachers who are working for schools that aren’t optimal for them, and many of these people did their best to make an informed decision.

For more info about this topic, please check out this short article on our site.

Why join this program?

  • It’s free.
  • We’ll help you choose a great school, and save you lots of your valuable time in the process.
  • We’ll help you maximize your chances of getting hired.
  • Our finger is always on the pulse of this fast moving world of online teaching. In the future, new teaching opportunities will present themselves, and we will keep our members informed about them. That being said, you won’t get any spam from us.
  • We’re responsive. We respond to all applications, questions, and comments within 1 business day.

Factors that affect your options

Teaching certificates

Almost every online school has either a firm requirement or a strong recommendation for a “120+ hour” TESOL, TEFL, or CELTA certificate with a certificate number.

If you have this already, please move on to the next section.

If you don’t have this yet, please check out our short article on teaching certificates.

University degrees

  • Having a bachelor’s degree or above will significantly impact the number of schools that are available to you.
  • Those without a degree will still have some solid options. If you’re from USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, or New Zealand, you will have some great options, even without a degree.

Native English teachers

If you’re a native English speaker from USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, or New Zealand, you’re in high demand and you have a lot of doors open to you.

South Africans, if you’re living abroad and meet a few other requirements, we’ve got one great opportunity for you, and a few decent ones. If you’re not living abroad, it’s just the decent ones for now. Our research is ongoing. 

Non-native English teachers

If you’re not from any of those countries above, your difficulty level will vary quite a bit. It depends on your specific nationality, your university degree status, and some other factors. We have several solid options that everyone can try.  Additionally, we have ongoing research into schools that hire non-natives. As time passes, we fully expect to have a growing number of schools available to everyone.

Appearance, accent, and pronunciation

We’ll be as direct and unbiased as we can here: These 3 factors will heavily impact your chances of getting hired, especially if you’re teaching kids. In general, parents want teachers who are clean-cut and speak with a “neutral” accent. These usually aren’t firm requirements, but they do matter.

Teaching experience

Some schools have a firm requirement of 1 or 2 years teaching experience. Some have a preference but not a requirement. If you don’t have teaching experience, we’ll have some solid online schools for you to start your journey with.

Energy, enthusiasm, & ability to make lessons fun and engaging

These will impact your chances of getting hired, the ratings given to you by the students & parents, your ability to gain regular students & consistent bookings, and your chances of securing pay raises or promotions. They will also help YOU enjoy teaching more!

For those of you who think you may struggle with this, we believe this a fun skill set that can be learned, and it will be naturally learned over time through experience. The more genuinely interested in your lessons and your students you are, the better.

Willingness to teach kids

In the online English industry, the vast majority of the demand is with teaching kids. If you can teach kids you’ll have more opportunities, more bookings, and earn more money per hour. Some of you may have strong preferences for teaching adults, and there are adult students out there, but your booking consistency and hourly pay will be lower.

Procrastination, anxiety, & doubt


It’s not fun filling out forms, preparing for an interview, or preparing for a demo class. We invite you to take a moment to consider the potential benefits of completing this process. Weigh that against these investments of your time and energy:

  • About 3-5 hours to get TESOL certified, if you aren’t certified already.
  • A total of about 2-4 hours to finish the entire on-boarding process for a school, including preparation for the interview and mock class.

If you start the process with our 2-3 minute application form and put a high priority on the school’s application process, in the very near future you’ll be finished and eagerly awaiting an email from the school to find out if you’re hired.


For those of you who are new to this, you may feel that you aren’t cut out for teaching, you aren’t good with kids, or that you’re not going to do well with your first few lessons.

Teaching English online is not nearly as difficult as it might seem. Once you start teaching, first-hand experience will prove that to you.

Just about every teacher who begins teaching for a new platform is rusty during their first few lessons. We at Teachers Compass regularly apply to and teach for new online schools. We’re always rusty in the beginning, even as experienced online teachers.

Doubts about teaching online

As we stated in the Info for Beginners section, there are an estimated 1.5 billion people worldwide who are studying English. More than 300 million of them are in China alone.

As just one example, the largest online English teaching platform has over 600,000 students and employs over 70,000 online teachers, mostly from the West. The online English industry is growing at a tremendous speed, and the demand for teachers is outpacing the supply.

Teaching English online is a profession with a bright future that provides real value and fulfills a huge global market demand.

Doubts about this program

What’s the catch?
We get it. We put a great deal of work into building and running this program, but we’re not asking the members for any money. What’s the catch? Fortunately there’s no need for one,  because this program is beneficial for everyone involved as it is.

Why follow our advice?
One of the most important decisions an online teacher can make is about which school to teach for.

The simple fact is, great advice about choosing an online school must come from a source that is qualified to give that advice. This source must be abundantly knowledgeable about a wide variety of schools. There must be a clear understanding of the requirements, pros & cons, and several other important factors, so that a conclusion can be reached about which options make the most sense for a given teacher.

It’s not an exaggeration to state that our knowledge base is built with hundreds of hours of research in many forms.  Our founder, Lee, manages the research and personally attends to every application we receive, as well as every recommendation we provide. He appreciates the weight of this responsibility and takes his time to carefully consider every teacher’s qualifications, preferences, and more.

The 2 best steps you can take right now

  1. Apply to our program so we can take a look at your situation and provide you with our recommendations.
  2. After you’ve submitted the application form, get TESOL certified if you aren’t already, and get started on module 1.

Get hired and $10 will be donated on your behalf to Ghana Community Pathways!

Ghana Community Pathways provides educational opportunities, community directed capacity building and support for families in need at the village level. It seeks to empower and give hope to disenfranchised youth in rural Africa.

$10 will be donated to Ghana Community Pathways on your behalf right when you get hired! Let’s support a great cause and help to create lasting  change through education and more.